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Complete the Interview Request below.  Our goal is to interview as many Jacksonville area businesses as possible.  We will get back to you as quick as we can to schedule your interview. 

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Hello, I am Gary Spurgeon.  I own and operate a small business in Jacksonville, FL called Studio Podcast Suites.  Like most small business, I am facing the same challenges as many of you are during this crazy economic rollercoaster.

I want to help!  I’ve tapped into my 40-years of broadcast experience and marketing background to create the NEW JaxBusinessStrong Podcast.  This 12-minute podcast, will feature small business owners in the Jacksonville, FL, we will hear how they are managing through this current economy.

The JaxBusinessStrong Podcast will shine a spotlight on these local area businesses.  We will address the following;  How long they’ve been in business?  What products or services do they sell?  How are they managing and leading in this dynamic economic climate?  How are they reinventing themselves? What are they specifically doing to attract new customers?  What does their 2020 growth look like?  And, right now, what does the Jacksonville community need to know to help them grow?  

The JaxBusinessStrong Podcast will be distributed and heard on every major podcasting outlet:  Apple Podcast, Spotify, i-Heart Radio, Google Podcast, Tune-IN+Alexa, Stitcher, Castro, Overcast and many others.  In addition, I will share and post the JaxBusinessStrong Podcast on all of my social media platforms.  I ask that you share it on yours to help create additional reach and awareness.  The more we all work together, the more impact the JaxBusinessStrong Podcast will have for you.  Together, we will help each other continue to be JaxBusinessStrong.

These interviews are FREE!  There is absolutely NO CHARGE for any business to participate I want to help small business owners get their message out to the Jacksonville community and let them know THEY ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS.  

All that is needed for the interview is :30-minutes of your time, a cell/work phone or a computer